Electronic Subscription Documents

Why we chose the name +SUBSCRIBE®

By Rafay Farooqui, June 19, 2020

SAF Platform is rebranding. The company is now called +SUBSCRIBE®.  It’s to the point, universal, and captures the simplicity with which we tackle complex workflows for our growing customer base.

The etymology of subscribe is to “sign at the bottom of a document” or “write underneath”.  Our purpose is to replace the need for pen and paper when preparing alternative fund investment documents – with the first web service for electronic subscription document technology, or e-SubDocs.

The mission of our company most broadly and concisely is that we are: Powering alternative investments®.

The methodical effort to rebrand to +SUBSCRIBE® has been in process for a good amount of time, as we surmised that the name of our company should deliver – in a single word – the value-add we offer:

      • Digitally +SUBSCRIBE® to any alternative investment;
      • Gain control over the +SUBSCRIBE® process;
        • Reduce errors, save time and money with +SUBSCRIBE®.


New Enhanced Interface Designed for Ease of Use

Our journey has been rooted in a clear product vision and executed with sound engineering discipline. The change to our name also ushers in a dramatic expansion of functionality across our enterprise software solution to meet the requirements of our allocator, sponsor, and service provider customers across the alternative investments ecosystem:

      • Electronic Subscription Documents
      • Electronic Signatures
      • Universal Investor Profiles
      • Investor Portals
      • Virtual Data Rooms
      • AML & KYC Compliance
      • Integrations

The +SUBSCRIBE® team is intensely focused on delivering ease of use for institutional alternative investment organizations through an enterprise software solution that they like-to-use.  A superior customer experience serves as our guide, as we set an innovation standard for the alternative investments software industry. Our team is passionate about the problem, aware of what is possible, and we strive to build what is needed.