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How It Works

Ease of Use Delivered

+SUBSCRIBE® is a central digital workflow hub for the lifecycle of an alternative investment. Stakeholders enjoy ease of use as they collaborate on transactions.

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  • Setup Organization

    Register your organization, pick a plan, invite your colleagues, setup teams - and you are ready to power alternative investments.

  • Invite Stakeholders

    Send invitations to all your investors, fund managers, and service providers to onboard to the platform. Their setup is free, fast, and easy.

  • Mobilize Digital Workflows

    Once all parties are setup - prepare, e-sign, submit and complete subscription documents at light speed.

Asset 1 STEP 1: Sign up

First, choose the plan that’s right for you—basic, standard or plus. When you sign up with +SUBSCRIBE®, our team will walk you through a complimentary demo so you’re familiar and comfortable with the platform.

Electronic Subscription Documents (eSubDocs)

Asset 1 STEP 2: Set up

Allocators start by filling out a one-time universal questionnaire, which takes less than ten minutes to complete. After reviewing the form, investors are fully set up in the system and can bring in the funds they want to connect with.

Asset 1 STEP 3: Invite

With one click, allocators can invite any fund of their choosing to connect with the platform. Sponsors receive an email invitation from +SUBSCRIBE®. Then, they’re able to upload their own specific electronic subscription documents to the platform. As allocators invite more funds, they create their own unique menu of funds. Allocators only see funds they’ve invited to connect with them through +SUBSCRIBE®.

Asset 1 STEP 4: Start investing

After a sponsor uploads their electronic subscription document, our algorithm quickly and accurately populates the document, then gives it a human review. After that, the form is ready for signing—either digitally or by hard copy. All the while, all parties can track a document’s status in real time, from ready to complete. The system immediately spots any issues and sends an email notification so any holdups can be quickly resolved.

Asset 1 STEP 5: Stay informed

From here, our post-trade communication hub keeps all parties connected in a space where key investment-related documents are easily and securely shared and stored.

Electronic subscription document technology for alternative investments.

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