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Virtual Data Room

Modern Fundraising

The most robust virtual data room powered by electronic subscription document technology to enhance fundraising.

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  • All Funds

    Our platform supports all fund structures, from Reg D to registered offerings - private equity to NTRs.

  • All Investors

    Our platform supports the simplest to the most complex type of investment entities.

  • All Reporting

    Our platform supports all investor reporting, across funds and administrators.

Asset 1 STEP 1: Upload Fund Materials

Once you have setup your organization, simply add each fund by uploading the requested documents to the data room. Our state-of-the-art technology does the rest. In no time all investment forms can be filled digitally, and investors can add any documents they may require, such as, compliance forms, custodian forms, tax forms, and AML documents to produce a complete investment document packet. Investors can also build the data room - just upload a managers documents.

Asset 1 STEP 2: Invite Limited Partners

Once your fund is setup and approved - you can send invitations to all your current and prospective investors to allow them access to your data room. As investors login they are able to setup universal investor profiles that can be used for all your funds and any other funds they may be using. They will be able to mobilize our state-of-the-art electronic subscription document technology and prepare, e-sign, submit, and respond to any "not in good order" documents all through a single platform.

Asset 1 Step 3: Track Fundraising Progress

As investors review the data room and begin the document submission process - everything is tracked using our reports, logs, and fundraising dashboard. Engage more efficiently, answer questions, meet deadlines, solve problems, and achieve fundraising goals faster.

Electronic subscription document technology for alternative investments.

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