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+SUBSCRIBE® Surpasses $5B in Alternative Investment Fund Transactions

By Rafay Farooqui, May 08, 2021

Following a remarkable year for +SUBSCRIBE® and the acceleration of digitization of the financial industry as a whole, we are delighted to announce that we’ve surpassed $5 billion in alternative investment fund transactions.

In March 2015, we launched +SUBSCRIBE® with the goal of Powering Alternative Investments®, today we have become the alternative investments industry leader in doing so, paving the way for every private fund transaction to be completed on our platform.

As we assume leadership and look forward, we are more confident than ever that our state-of-the-art eSubDocs technology platform has ushered in a new paradigm in how investors, fund managers, and service providers consummate private fund investments. We are thrilled to play a leading role in bringing electronic subscription documents to the $10T alternative investment fund industry.

Our eSubDocs technology has officially arrived. In just the past few months, use of the platform by investors, fund managers, and service providers has exceeded $250 million of transactions per week. Over 4000 global institutional and retail investors, and 700 private funds have used the platform to process subscription transactions seamlessly. The customer base includes the industry leaders and its newest participants alike – serving their operational needs across Venture Capital, Private Equity, Private Credit, Real Estate, Digital Assets and Hedge Funds almost equally. Further, all types of global institutional investors and wealth intermediary firms have rapidly adopted our end-to-end workflows.

We are committed to ensuring a superior user experience for our customers. We take great care in partnering with investors, fund managers, and service providers to help them simplify, digitize, and automate their private investment fund operations so they can eliminate errors, and save time & money. We are humbled and grateful to our customers who trust our platform to support their investments – and who have enthusiastically helped us achieve this milestone.

As we steadily march forward, we welcome you to come Join Us on this mission.

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