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Video Series: Opportunities in Digital Transformation of the Private Markets Industry

By Rafay Farooqui, May 25, 2023

Institutional Investor: Opportunities in
Digital Transformation of the Private Markets

Rafay Farooqui, Founder and CEO of +SUBSCRIBE, outlines how technology
is enabling the private markets industry to digitally transform

Video 1/4: Investor Relations Professionals
How investor relations professionals are using technology to enhance fundraising (2 mins)

Investor relations professionals are faced with a myriad of tasks as they seek to fundraise and onboard investors to private funds. In this clip, we explain the ways our technology is streamlining the process from prospecting to fund closing.

Video 2/4: Knowledge Management Lawyers
How knowledge management lawyers are using technology to improve the fund closing process (4 mins)

Knowledge management lawyers are increasingly seeking legal-tech solutions that can empower their fund formation practice. Learn how our enterprise software solution organizes and centralizes the subscription review and fund closing process for the entire team.

Video 3/4: Wealth Management
How leading wealth managers are digitizing their private fund investment operations (2 mins)

As wealth portfolios migrate from traditional 60/40 equity and fixed income allocations to include more alternative investments, the need for a robust operating platform has become critical to meet compliance requirements and manage the operational aspect of scaling a private markets program within large wealth management organizations.

Video 4/4: Institutional Investors
How institutional investors are using technology to scale fund investment workflows (2 mins)

The technology stack that is required by endowments and foundations to help manage their private fund investments has continually evolved. These sophisticated institutions typically hold many fund positions, and our software allows them to centrally manage their investor information, an Investor Passport, and deliver it to any fund in the industry at the click of a button.

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