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Fund Fanatics Podcast: Rafay Farooqui on the The Digital Transformation of Private Markets

By Rafay Farooqui, November 05, 2022

The Digital Transformation of Private Markets

Watch the Interview of our Founder & CEO Rafay Farooqui
as he discusses his entrepreneurial journey from
Co-Founding CAIS, to Founding +SUBSCRIBE


As one of the first movers in the democratization of alternative assets Rafay Farooqui is a Co-Founder of CAIS, and as Founder & CEO of +SUBSCRIBE® is now leading the digital transformation of private markets. Hear what our Rafay Farooqui shared with Scott Aleali and Jeff Maier on their most recent Fund Fanatics podcast.

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  • Entrepreneurial Journey from CAIS to SUBSCRIBE: Alternatives on the March
  • The three cycles of innovation private markets technology: Access, Infrastructure, Life-Cycle
  • Forward looking trends of the alternatives asset class
  • Bold points of view about LP asset allocations


+SUBSCRIBE is a provider of enterprise software solutions for allocators, sponsors, and service providers that enable the digital transformation of the alternative investments industry. The company is the leading order management system and electronic subscription document technology for alternative product transactions. For additional information on how +SUBSCRIBE is Powering Alternative Investments®, visit www.subscribeplatform.com and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.